Frequently Asked Questions


I'm interested in purchasing step treads. What kinds do you sell?

03/19/2018 11:30:00 AM

We sell two kinds of step treads: dry-cast and wet-pour. Dry-Cast Step Treads (also known as "tread-only steps") are produced just like our standard porch steps but consist of just the top portion of the step. Just like our normal porch steps, they have a bullnose on all three sides. The depth is 13" (cannot be changed), the thickness is 3.25" (cannot be changed), and the width is customizable from 2' to 7'.

Wet-Pour Step Treads are made like our parking bumpers. They come in one profile with the option to customize width up to 4'. (If you are interested in the dimensions of this form, please contact us to receive literature.) Because Wet-Pour Step Treads are poured outside, we can only produce these when the weather allows. Do keep this in mind when ordering. As always, we will always try our best to quote you an accurate lead time for our products, taking weather into consideration.

Please note that our step treads can be purchased by building supply yards only. If you are builder, contractor, or retail customer, please refer to our Find A Dealer link to locate a dealer near you that can order product for you.

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