Parking Bumper Services



In addition to manufacturing precast concrete parking bumpers, we also provide the necessary bumper services to complete your job. Please see below for a list of services that we offer. Remember, if you don't see something listed, please contact us. We are happy to provide quotes, take orders, and answer any questions you may have.


Please click here to download a handy PDF featuring our Parking Bumper Services Information. Keep nearby to make ordering simple!


New Bumper Services


  • Installing

Our installer lines up the bumpers according to customer specification. He then installs the new bumpers by pinning them down to the ground with the two pins included with each new bumper.

  • Stockpiling

The bumpers are neatly stockpiled into a space of customer choosing. This space must be cleared prior to our arrival on site. If someone is on site, we will give them the pins that go with the bumpers. If no one is on site, the installer will leave them near the bumpers. Please note that we are not responsible for product missing or stolen if no one is on site to collect.



Pre-Existing Bumper Services


  • Resetting

Our installer will align bumpers according to customer specification and pin them back down to the ground with new pins. Bumpers must be upright and accessible to us by hi-lo. In addition, any labor to remove stuck pins may incur an extra charge.

  • Removing, Relocating, & Immediately Resetting

The installer will remove bumpers, relocate them to another part of the lot of the customer’s choosing, realign them, and anchor them into the ground with new pins.

  • Removing & Hauling Away

We will carefully lift bumper blocks and pins out of the ground and load them onto our truck to haul them away. If pins are stuck in the ground and cannot be removed, we will pound them flush into the ground to prevent any hazard.

  • Hauling Away

Our installer will load already-removed bumpers onto his truck and haul them out. Bumpers to be hauled away must have pins removed. Bumpers must be accessible to us by hi-lo.

  • Setting, No Pinning

Bumpers will be realigned by installer according to customer specification. Bumpers will not be pinned down. (Please note that bumpers are easily moved if not pinned down properly. If we must return to a jobsite to straighten out blocks, we will charge accordingly.)

  • Hammering Down Pins

The installer will anchor pins into already-set bumpers. For this service, no manual labor will be used to align bumpers.

  • Removing & Stockpiling

Our installer will remove and stockpile bumpers into a cleared space.

  • First Trip Removing & Stockpiling & Second Trip Resetting

We will make two trips out to site scheduled according to customer's preference. The first trip we will remove and stockpile bumpers into a cleared space. On the return trip, we will realign bumpers and pin them down into ground with new pins.



To Get a Quote or Place an Order


Please have the following information handy before contacting us to make sure we can accurately and efficiently quote your job. Feel free to call us at (313) 532-4610 or e-mail us at to get a quote or place an order.


1.) The kind of new bumpers and quantity of each style needed. If you need more information on the bumpers we carry, please click here. If you just need services on pre-existing bumpers, just note the size and quantity of each.


2.) The service(s) needed for each bumper from the above list(s).


3.) Type of ground that the bumpers are on (asphalt, concrete, gravel, dirt, asphalt over concrete, etc.). Please note that we charge extra for concrete and asphalt over concrete work because of the extra labor involved in pre-drilling the holes for the pins.


4.) Any special conditions for your job (special times/days the job has to be done, jobs in parking garages, gate codes, etc.).



Important Notes


1.) We require that all vehicles/obstructions be moved PRIOR to our arrival to the job site.


2.) The job site must be striped and ready to go in preparation for our arrival. If the lot is gravel or is not striped, you must clear this with us when putting in the job order. We may require a starting point, map of bumper layout, or contact on site for the day of the job. (For angled parking, we require lines or some sort of marking to be down prior to our arrival to the site. NO EXCEPTIONS.)


3.) An on-site contact with knowledge about where the blocks go and how they should be positioned is strongly advised. If there is no way for there to be an on-site contact, then we require a contact, who is able to answer job site questions, to be available by phone throughout the duration of the job. If we come across an issue on site and the contact cannot be reached, and if our installer cannot perform further work because we are awaiting a response, we may charge for his/their time spent on site waiting.


4.) Any unused bumpers in excess of 3 that are ordered but not used for the job are subject to the delivery fee.


5.) Most bumper jobs require us to bring our bumper truck which is a 70' tractor-trailer. For each job, you must make sure that there is a safe and legal place for us to park. Please clear this with your customer or at your job site.


6.) When pulling out pre-existing bumper pins from the surface of the lot, we make every effort to avoid damage to the ground; however, some issues are unavoidable due to the conditions of the pre-existing lot. Because of this, we are NOT responsible for any damage to the surface of the lot caused from pulling out old pins. Additionally, we assume no responsibility for damage to curbs, driveways, shrubs, or other property.



If, for the above reasons, OR, for any other unforeseen reason, the job is not adequately prepared for our arrival, OR, if there is significant unanticipated labor involved but not included in the initial scope of work, your job may incur extra charges to account for our equipment use and installers' time.   

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